Stealth Spec Cams

Adjustable Pushrods

  • Require removal of rocker boxes

Gasket Kit

  • Includes complete top end gasket kit (head gaskets, rocker top gasket, breathers, intake manifold seals, pushrods tube seals, exhaust gaskets, cam cover gasket, 3 oil pump o-rings)
  • *All the necessary gaskets needed to install this kit

Clutch Diaphram

  • Capable of holding the torque output of the Stealth Kit all the way up to 117ci

Oil Pressure Relief Valve

  • To maintain higher oil pressure, which is needed when using higher lifter cams and healthier valve springs; it helps maintain adequate oil pressure.
  • Comes with pressure relief valve and spring for cam plate.
Inner Cam Bearings

AIP Super Stock Cylinder Heads **EXCHANGE Option

  • Your AIP Stealth SS heads:​​​

​            -Come reconditioned with matched intake port

            -Have 600 lift springs

            -Have new valve guide seals

           -Are complete and ready to bolt on


** Buyer may go about acquiring the AIP SS cylinder heads in one of two ways: [1] Buyer may purchase the AIP SS cylinder heads, or [2] Buyer may exchange Buyer's heads for the AIP SS cylinder heads. The word "exchange" means: Buyer must have good, rebuildable cylinder heads (with valves, springs, guides, seats, and no cracks) in proper color, and Buyer must send those heads to Seller. Buyer may opt to send the heads at time of payment for the kit, or Buyer may opt to send the heads upon receipt of the AIP SS cylinder heads. In any case, Buyer will be charged a core charge of $300.00 per head at the time of purchase of the kit. Buyer will be refunded the core charge upon Seller's receipt of heads if the heads are deemed to be in conformity by Seller. If a head is deemed by Seller to be not good, non rebuildable, or not in proper color, the head will be deemed to be not in conformity, and the core charge will not be refunded, and the nonconforming heads will be returned to Buyer. 

Custom BST carbon fiber wheels for a 2014 Harley Dyna.

These carbon fiber wheels are super light weight and super strong, perfect to make your bike ultimately lighter and handle just as great. 

BST carbon fiber wheels can be custom ordered to fit any bike! 


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It's not just a ride, it's a lifestyle. 

If you know what you want, email us a list and send it our way.

We will return your price quote ASAP. 

If you aren't sure what you want or need, we can help you too. Contact us via email or call. 

*Please note that AIP Speed, with the many different types of rides we work with, it is hard to list all of your needs,

but if you let us know specifically, we can definitely help! 

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The 103 SS Kit is a proven combination of engine parts that work to improve the bike's overall performance in terms of horsepower and torque by improving the machine's efficiency throughout it's entire RPM range. This kit has achieved a 40% increase in horsepower and torque, and the bike will have more power at almost and given throttle position. This power increase comes with minimal engine modification at minimal cost. An added benefit to the minimal modification done to the bike and the minimal cost is the retention of the stock characteristic of reliability. 

Past customers have purchased and installed this kit for purposes of 2-up touring, wheelieing, and for light-to-light fun. The kit is guaranteed to provide your bike with an improved all around motor good for any purpose in mind. 

For maximizing the potential of this kit, we recommend a free flowing exhaust, free flowing intake, and fuel injection mapping. 

​*Stats generated from a properly tuned (DynoJet PowerVision on AIP Speed's DynoJet dyne) 2007 Dyna with a 103 SS Kit with Stealth exhaust system, Arlen Ness Big Sucker air filter.



The AIP Speed Stealth Kits have become very popular in southern California, and we are excited to learn that people all over the world are looking to get in on the fun. At the moment, we at AIP Speed have over 10 different versions of the kit (from the SS to the SR to the FR), all of which are designed to increase your motorcycle's efficiency throughout its entire RPM range. For example, our basic SS kit (103 Kit), with proper tuning and exhaust system, will increase your horsepower and toque by as much as 40% (peak power) and produces a very broad powerband. To be clear, the kits improve power at almost any given throttle position. Since 2013, we have installed over 100 of our various kits, and our customers have been thrilled with them. 

*Disclaimer: The kits are designed for competition use only and are not intended for public roads. 

AIP Speed STEALTH Engine Kit

​Featured is an HPI 58mm throttle body and intake for a 2014 Dyna.

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26541 Ruether Ave, Santa Clarita, CA 91350, USA

*AIP Speed Stealth SR kit featured above. 

Öhlins-- We sell Öhlins USA front and rear suspension for all types of bikes. Öhlins is known around the world for one of the leading companies for suspension products, We sell all of their different rear suspension shocks for Harleys and can even do custom orders as well. Öhlins is a game changer without a doubt. Anything from spring preload, rebound adjustment, compression adjustment, and adjustable ride height, they have it. 


You want more Horse Power?​

This throttle body and intake allows more air to flow through your bike giving you a lot more horsepower. If you're going to go all out on building a bike, this is definitely what you need! Call our parts department today and find out what works best for you and your bike.